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About Us

Success for small businesses is our passion.

Passionfly Marketing was borne out of our passion for supporting small businesses.  We are driven by the fact that when we support small business, we’re supporting their dream - and fulfilling ours.

Our mission is to be your trusted partner, helping your business grow by effectively and efficiently managing all your marketing needs. 

We work closely with you and your team to understand your business, your customers, and your objectives so that we can build a marketing strategy that works.  


Consistency is key in any marketing effort, so we are committed to providing our expertise and services affordably and sustainably allowing Passionfly to be your marketing partner throughout your journey.

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Celina's marketing career began working for medium and large companies in the technology field.    From developing marketing strategies, building email and social campaigns, creating content, updating websites, managing social media platforms, to planning conferences and meetings - Celina's marketing contributions were instrumental in growing their customer base and generating leads. 


Over the years, she developed an affinity for small businesses and entrepreneurs. With the unique products & services they offer, the contributions they make to the local economy, and the dedication and passion they bring to their businesses, Celina was inspired and wanted to find a way to use her talents to help them succeed and flourish. 


What she found was that most business owners and entrepreneurs have a marketing vision, but don't have the time or the resources to execute them.  Some also needed direction on how best to reach out to their audience and share their message.  Celina realized this is where her talent, skills, and experience could make the most impact.  


She designed a complete marketing management service that resolves these issues while taking into consideration the intrinsic constraints that small businesses have with their time and budget.  


Passionfly Marketing was born.  Celina found her ikigai and is excited to share it with those who inspire her the most.

A small business is a big deal.

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